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Nov 22, 2016

Timely news for Australia's summer

A picture of Hazel MacTavish-West

MacTavish West aim to add value: to products, businesses and opportunities.

  • Creativity and Science
  • Innovation and Development
  • Communicating and Training

Inspiring - providing innovative, near-market ideas and creative concepts for the food, farming, science and engineering industries.

Creating - whether it's a new food product, a plant extract for the skincare industry, or an electronic prototype, we are confident we can help you identify a better path forwards and an innovative solution. Creative & successful design for brands, products, packaging, website content and other materials.

Communicating - we regularly provide presentations to the media, academic, government and business groups across Australia and the UK. Trends in foods, food technology, innovation, adding value and communicating at a grass roots level. Development of content for your communication, marketing and public relations campaigns.

"Tasty Feedback"

Our farm is good at growing berries. But it wasn't until we worked with MacTavish West that we understood how good our fruit was. Hazel provided us with scientific analysis, New Product Development guidance and had great contacts in industry to assist us with the production and sale of our new high value fruit based products. On top of this, I have never worked with such a responsive and attentive partner in business.

Richard Clark
Westerway Raspberry Farm

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